LivePristine Complete Health Protocol

LivePristine Complete Health ProtocolSince 2005, Glen Caulkins has been developing the LivePristine Complete Health Protocol. The protocol is just that, we do not make you choose from hundreds of items to know what you need, we present a clear and easy to follow program that can fit into anyone's lifestyle!

We believe drinking the highest quality, properly mineralized water while eliminating toxic beverages is the most important factor for improving individual health.

Step 1: PristineHydro Water Revival Systems  - You are composed of about 70% water… so the journey obviously starts here! When it comes to water, purity is everything. There should be no acceptable limit for the contaminants and pollutants in our water and it should be free of all invasive acid compounds. We are the only system that produces properly mineralized water that is 100% free of undesirable acids and contaminants. Our patent-pending Water Revival Systems removes what traditional filtration systems leave behind while also delivering essential beneficial ions such as magnesium bicarbonate and silica. This mineralized water is then restructured and recharged with lodestones and quartz crystals to emulate water produced by nature.

All consumed water, from what you drink to what you use for food prep and cooking, should be pristine. So, in order to get the most of your system and avoid ingesting the contaminants and pollutants present in most water, be sure to use PristineHydro water for ALL YOUR WATER NEEDS. Your coffee, tea, soup, and even the water used to boil food should all be pristine!

Step 2: Electrolyte Balance, does just what it says, it helps balance your alkaline electrolytes, i.e. magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonates while also delivering silicic acid, a bio-available form of silica. It is speculated that over 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient; as an electrolyte salt, magnesium bicarbonate is most important because it regulates all of the other electrolytes. Electrolyte Balance™ is also used to help buffer excess acids in the body which have accumulated over the years from drinking polluted and/or acidic water.

Drink PristineHydro Water and take Electrolyte Balance every day for at least one month (some people are more acidic than others), before moving on to Step 3. In some cases of severe metabolic acidosis (acid reflux, gout, excess weight, etc.) many people find adding a half of teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda once or twice a day to their Electrolyte Balance is helpful until symptoms subside. Please note, we do not advise taking sodium bicarbonate on a permanent basis, as it could cause sodium poisoning. (Check with a knowledgeable Holistic Doctor for details).

Step 3: Shilajit – Once the acid problem is under control, you can safely add Shilajit to your diet.  Shilajit has over 84 organic plant derived minerals as well as fulvic, humic, and ulmic acids (good acids). Consuming Shilajit with excess bad acids in the body could exacerbate existing metabolic acidosis. When consumed correctly Shilajit, can live up to its Ayurveda Medicine translation, “the panacea, the cure all,” which held that if a disease was detected in time, there was nothing that Shilajit could not cure.

Recommend use: Glen’s morning ritual (Super Broth) includes consuming shilajit with warm grass-fed beef bone broth with extra fat from FatWorks, Himalayan salt, and cayenne pepper. Two to three times a week, Glen prepares his Nectar of Eternal Youth meal replacement which is a powerful formula consisting mainly of shilajit, royal jelly, bee pollen, raw honey, etc. blended into a smoothie with raw goat milk or made into a bowl with yogurt, cottage cheese, and Chyawanprash. For those who want a quick boost, we have a concentrated formula called Antidote – The Ideal Superfood that can be consumed straight up with no production.

Step 4: Earthing – Get a grounding sheet, some lodestones, and spend time outside barefoot! It’s no surprise that we feel great after a day at the beach or spending time at the park. The reason for this, is that the Earth is a six-sextillion ton magnet and source of pulsed field direct current voltage, with its particle wave field extending for thousands of miles into space. Furthermore, the soles of our feet contain nerve endings that connect to every other part of our body. When our bare feet touch the ground, we receive and convey the Telluric or Natural Earth Currents. This voltage powers the human body; in essence, we are rechargeable batteries and the Earth is a biologically correct source of energy.

All biological life forms, including humans, require continued contact with natural magneto-electricity, which governs us all for natural health maintenance. Biological life cannot exist in full health without this connection. Optimal health is dependent upon regular connection and contact with these natural Earth currents.

Step 5: Bodywork – This one is up to you! We can offer you all the most advanced consumable products, but to truly achieve maximum health regular bodywork is essential. The opposite can also be said as well, great bodywork must have a body free of underlying problems to see desired lasting results.

As much as we understand nutrition, our history with bodywork extends back even further. PristineWellness has its origins from the “GC Life Center 4 Health.” This is where Glen Caulkins developed the GC Method; his own bodywork, myofascial release, and chiropractic protocol. Glen’s extensive understanding of minerals, mineral antagonists, and secondary mineral deficiencies, as well as his understanding of how pollution, intensive farming, and irresponsible agricultural practices have affected tissue quality and impaired the body’s ability to regenerate quality tissue.

So find a good massage therapist and a chiropractic clinic in your area and go regularly. Establish a regular stretching / yoga routine is essential for your overall health.  

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