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Answers to your frequently asked questions can be found here. If the question you are looking to find an answer for is not shown here, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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More questions and answers will be added over time. Check back regularly for more FAQ updates.

Table of Contents:

  1. General Questions
  2. Product Questions
    1. Water Revival Systems
    2. Electrolyte Balance
    3. Shower Filters
    4. Shilajit
  3. Other Questions
    1. Website Information
    2. Shipping (Domestic/International)


General Questions 

  • Where can I get a free sample of PristineHydro water? 
    • Based in Laguna Woods, California, first-time customers can come into our storefront and receive a complimentary 16 oz sample of PristineHydro water in a glass bottle.
  • What are currently your most popular products?
    • Our top selling products typically shifts each month, however our consistently popular products would in order be 
      1. Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter
      2. Electrolyte Balance
      3. Water Revival Travel System
  • Can you travel with PristineHydro?
    • Yes! We have countless professional and amateur athletes and health-conscious travelers that don't leave home without their PristineHydro® Travel / Portable systems. You no longer have to compromise your drinking water quality when traveling abroad.
  • How does PristineHydro, as a company, work?
    • PristineHydro sells direct to customers online, at our Pristine Wellness store in Laguna Woods, CA, through hundreds of enthusiastic and knowledgeable PristinePartners affiliates, and PristineHydro Authorized Retailers nationwide.
  • I used to be able to buy bottles of water off of the website, why have those been removed?
    • We understand your concern over this, and the reasoning is simple -bottle packs are no longer sold on our website as they became too expensive for customers to order due to shipping costs. However, we are more than happy to sell bottles and packs to you directly from our store in Laguna Woods.

Product Questions

Water Revival Systems:

  • Help! I’m having problems with installing the system.
    • We are in the process of creating an instructional video for installation, as well as troubleshooting. Check back soon.
  • What exact chemicals does this system filter out?
    • See our Certificate of Analysis to view all specific chemicals and minerals that get filtered out from our systems.
  • Does this system add any minerals to the water?
    • Our unique filtration process has steps that help increase the benefits of this ultra filtered water, including Remineralization with low controlled TDS comprised of magnesium bicarbonate with traces of calcium and sodium bicarbonate, as well as silica and chloride. Through Coconut Carbon filtration, lodestones, and crystal quarts the water is then naturally restructured and recharged.
  • Does the water revival system have high water waste when using reverse osmosis to filter water?
    • PristineHydro utilizes a High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane that has a waste to recovery rate of 1 to 1, a very high efficiency rate. The ratio for Water Ionizers is about 1 to 3; it’s hard to imagine using such acidic waste-water, which should not even come into contact with human skin.
    • Is this safe for pets to drink?
      • Yes absolutely! Dogs, cats, and birds can enjoy every drop of Pristine water. However, we do not recommend this for reptiles or for fish tanks as they need certain minerals beneficial to their species that are not present in our remineralized water. 
    • A part arrived broken, how do I get it replaced?
      • If for some reason a piece of the system came broken or needs to be replaced, feel free to contact us during store hours via email (preferred) or by phone - provide us with your name, order number, shipping address and a description and picture of the broken part that needs replacement.

    For technical issues with your Water Revival System, check out our Troubleshooting Guide


    Electrolyte Balance:

    • I don’t have a Revival System, what kind of water will this work with?
      • The best water you have access to is fine. Standard reverse osmosis, high pH water will be a standard temporary substitute for it.
    • The magnesium is clumped to the bottom and won’t move when I shake it. What do I do?
      • This is somewhat common and if this happens just contact us M-F  10AM - 5PM at 949-581-9191 and provide us the necessary shipping information so we can get you a replacement on us.
    • There’s a fishy smell with the bottles, is this normal?
      • Yes, at first. This will go away shortly. It is due to the presence of the magnesium.
    • Does it need to be refrigerated?
      • No, this is not a necessity. Some prefer it to be cold and would only be refrigerated for flavor enhancement.
    • Is there a difference between the liquid or powdered version?
      • The effect is the same from both versions of the product. However, the powdered magnesium needs to be mixed with carbonated water. 
    • Can a child take the normal dosage? 
      • The normal dosage is 1-2 oz a day, a child should take half dosage compared to normal to start out with. 
    • Can the Electrolyte Balance help with constipation?
      • We’ve been told the EB can help with constipation from customers. Check with your doctors first.
    • Is Electrolyte Balance safe for pregnant women?
      • We are not doctors and cannot make any type of medical claims as this is frowned upon by the FDA. Therefore it is best to ask your local healthcare provider. However, we have been told by our customers who were pregnant that the Electrolyte Balance helps with their cramps, morning sickness, and sleep.
    • The website shows the EB in a glass bottle. Why is it in plastic when I received it?
      • We switched to using PET plastic, a safe and sustainable alternative for shipped orders to avoid any unwanted reactions when the bottles are placed under extreme heat or cold while being shipped. 

    Shower Filters

    • It’s been over a month since I ordered the shower filter. Why haven’t I received it?
      • The Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter as well as the Aqualux Shower Filters are quite literally our most popular products, they are constantly very high in demand. If you ordered your shower filter and have not received it yet, we ask that you please give us time to receive the products and fulfill them once received. We are currently backed up with orders by almost a month and are waiting on the manufacturer. Please be patient and we will get it out to you once we have it in stock.
    • When I installed the filter my water still feels like hard water, is it working?
      • It should be noted that the shower filters are not water softeners.  Both products are designed to filter out chemicals that are harmful to the body, but are not meant to soften water by any means.
    • Is there a big difference between both shower filters?
      • The Aqualux Shower filter primarily filters out chlorine, while the Ultimate KDF Dual Filter filters out much more (see above question or product description on our website). The Dual KDF shower filters filter out harmful chemicals found in shower water (Chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, lime, calcium). In addition the Dual KDF shower filters also reduces odors, organic waste, trihalomethanes, bacteria, and common carcinogens such as carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, benzene and vinylidene chloride.
    • My shower head looks different from how the filter might fit. What type does this work with?
      • The Dual KDF shower filter uses a female(in) and male(out) threading. So as long as your shower head is a standard female it should work.



    • It’s my first time with Shilajit. Should I try the powder or the tar?
      • We recommend trying the powder first to sample it to your body. If you already purchased the tar however, that’s okay. Sample it in smaller doses to let your body adjust to it.
    • What are the benefits of frequent consumption of Shilajit?
      • It helps strengthen the immune system, enhance digestive function, accelerate recovery, as well as promote longevity among other things.
    • I’m not interested in the powder or the tar. Will there be a capsulated form in the future?
      • Unfortunately, no there will not be. This is because the process of creating the capsules is very tedious, with our requirements and deadlines to fulfill orders we do not have the time to do this ourselves. Our best recommendation we can give go you is to buy our powder and some basic gelatin capsules that can be built at home to make some shilajit capsules.
    • Does Shilajit need to be supplemented with anything else?
      • The Shilajit goes well with water and EB, but also goes well with the Ayurvedic method of raw milk and honey - or warm bone broth for a warmer alternative.
    • Is the Shilajit safe for pregnant women?
      • We are not doctors and can not make any claims. However we have had customers who were pregnant at one point say it benefited them greatly.



    Other Questions

    Website Information

    • I’m on but can’t find products!
      • You can buy products on Soon these links will go to the same location.
    • Are there any discount codes or coupons I can utilize for first time buyers?
      • You can join our mailing list for all immediate news about discounts on our website. Also, follow us on social media @PristineHydro to keep tabs on more discount opportunities and future promotions.
    • I am interested in becoming an affiliate! How do I sign up?
      • Message us through social media or through our general email and we will inform you on how you can become a Pristine Partner. 

    Shipping (Domestic/International)

    • What shipment company does the company utilize?
      • For domestic orders, we utilize UPS ground shipping. For international orders, we utilize DHL. 
    • The shipping rates are astronomical! Are there any cheaper costs? Why is it so high?
      • This can be caused from a number of reasons: First of all, some products have a high perishability rate (such as our royal jelly) So overnight shipping is required so it may be still used. Another reason might be due to international charges. We understand this can be a frustration and if you’d like you can contact or contact us during store hours and we’ll see what we can do for you to reduce the cost.