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Table of Contents:

    1. Water Revival Systems
    2. Electrolyte Balance
    3. Shower Filters
    4. Shilajit
    1. Website Information
    2. Shipping (Domestic/International)


General Questions 

  • Where can I get a free sample of PristineHydro water? 
    • Based in Laguna Woods, California, first-time customers can come into our storefront and receive a complimentary 16 oz sample of PristineHydro water in a glass bottle (subject to availability)
  • What are currently your most popular products?
    • Our top selling products typically shifts each month, however our consistently popular products would in order be:
      1. Electrolyte Balance
      2. Water Revival Travel System
      3. Under-Counter Water Revival System
  • Can you travel with PristineHydro?
    • Yes! We have countless professional and amateur athletes and health-conscious travelers that don't leave home without their PristineHydro® Travel / Portable systems. You no longer have to compromise your drinking water quality when traveling abroad.
  • How does PristineHydro, as a company, work?
    • PristineHydro sells direct to customers online, at our Pristine Wellness store in Laguna Woods, CA, through hundreds of enthusiastic and knowledgeable PristinePartners affiliates, and PristineHydro Authorized Retailers nationwide.
  • I used to be able to buy bottles of water off of the website, why have those been removed?
    • We understand your concern over this, and the reasoning is simple -bottle packs are no longer sold on our website as they became too expensive for customers to order due to shipping costs. However, we are more than happy to sell bottles and packs to you directly from our store in Laguna Woods.

Product Questions

Water Revival Systems:

  • My installer has questions about installing the Under-Counter system; where can I find help?

    • Please remember, the Under-Counter system is designed to be installed by a licensed professional plumber; we do not recommend self-installation.  Your system comes with a detailed step-by-step Installation Manual, complete with pictures and diagrams.  If your installer has any questions, you can contact us at or call us.  We are also in the process of creating an instructional video for installation and troubleshooting; check back soon!
  • I am having trouble with understanding how the Travel system works, where can I find help?
    • Look no further than our instructional video down below, where we show you how to properly install your Travel system, as well as everything you need to know about it.


  • What exact chemicals does this system filter out?
    • See our Certificate of Analysis to view all specific chemicals and minerals that get filtered out from our systems.
  • There's a really fishy smell coming from my system, what is this and how do I get rid of it?
    • This is rare but does happen sometimes with all new Water Revival Systems® and when you get a complete filter change. This is supposed to go away within the first few uses. The remineralization cartridge lasts 3 years, and depending on the incoming water that goes into the system, there may be a magnesium smell.
      • If it still persists after a few days, check the TDS level. If the TDS level is high, then the system needs time to break in until you get to the 20-60 ppm range. 
      • Monitor the usage, the tank holds 4 gallons. If you only use 1-2 gallons, the water will sit and accumulate more and more magnesium. Smaller tanks are available complimentary if the 4 gallon size is too large for your needs. 
    • If the magnesium smell persists, we can send you the appropriate complimentary filters to fix the smell issue, just let us know via email.
  • Does this system add any minerals to the water?
    • Our unique filtration process has steps that help increase the benefits of this ultra filtered water, including Remineralization with low controlled TDS comprised of magnesium bicarbonate with traces of calcium and sodium bicarbonate, as well as silica and chloride. Through Coconut Carbon filtration, lodestones, and crystal quarts the water is then naturally restructured and recharged.
  • What is the pH of PristineHydro water?
    • After the filtration process, the water’s pH level stands between 9 and 10 on the pH scale.
  • Is there an MV/electrical charge in the water?
    • The ORP depends on the source water. Our water is charged and structured with lodestones and crystals.
  • Does the water revival system have high water waste when using reverse osmosis to filter water?
    • PristineHydro utilizes a High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane that has a waste to recovery rate of 1 to 1, a very high efficiency rate. The ratio for Water Ionizers is about 1 to 3; it’s hard to imagine using such acidic waste-water, which should not even come into contact with human skin.
    • Is this safe for pets to drink?
      • Yes absolutely! Dogs, cats, and birds can enjoy every drop of Pristine water. However, we do not recommend this for reptiles or for fish tanks as they need certain minerals beneficial to their species that are not present in our remineralized water. 
    • A part arrived broken, how do I get it replaced?
      • If for some reason a piece of the system came broken or needs to be replaced, feel free to contact us during store hours via email (preferred) or by phone - provide us with your name, order number, shipping address and a description and picture of the broken part that needs replacement.

    For technical issues with your Water Revival System, check out our Troubleshooting Guide


    Electrolyte Balance:

    • I don’t have a PristineHydro® Water Revival System™, what kind of water can I take with Electrolyte Balance?
      • If you don’t have access to PristineHydro® water we recommend taking with the next best (clean, high pH) water you can find; you can also consume it with whatever other favorite beverage of your choice, though we do not recommend taking the liquid Electrolyte Balance® with carbonated beverages.
    • Are both the powder and liquid Electrolyte Balance® products supposed to be carbonated?

      • No neither product in their final form is carbonated; the powder requires carbonated water to react with the powder to create the resulting fresh product; the liquid has already achieved this reaction during our bottling process.
    • What is the estimated shelf life for the Electrolyte Balance® products?
      • The shelf life for the Electrolyte Balance liquid is about two years if it is shaken often (preferably everyday). If the magnesium clumps up after long periods of lack of use  and won’t come apart after shaking, the product is expired. The powder on the other hand has a much longer shelf life if refrigerated. 
    • The magnesium is clumped to the bottom and won’t move when I shake it. What do I do?
      • This product is designed to be consumed daily. Since it must be shaken before consumption, it should never clump up. Leaving the product unshaken for more than a week may result in such clumping. If the product is not more than a month old and has clumped up, you can generally use the handle of a utensil or chopstick to loosen the clumped product and shake well. 
    • There’s a fishy smell with the bottles, is this normal?
      • Yes, at first. This will go away shortly. It is due to the presence of the magnesium.
    • Does it need to be refrigerated?
      • No, this is not a necessity for the liquid. Some prefer it to be cold and would only be refrigerated for flavor enhancement. However this is required for the powder mixture.
    • Is there a difference between the liquid and powdered version?
      • The effect is the same from both versions of the product. Electrolyte Balance® powder is designed to be mixed with carbonated water, while the liquid Electrolyte Balance® is to be taken with non-carbonated, preferably PristineHydro water, or the cleanest water you have access to. The key benefit of the powder is long shelf life and portability vs. transporting liquid.
    • Can a child take the normal dosage? 
      • The normal adult dosage is 1-2 oz a day; for a child it would be a half dosage, however, we recommend you consult your pediatrician as to what’s best, especially for children 5 years of age and younger.
    • Does Electrolyte Balance® help with constipation?
      • Many customers have told us that Electrolyte Balance ® has helped with their constipation; we recommend you ask your doctor as to what’s best for you.
    • Is Electrolyte Balance® safe for pregnant women?
      • Many of our expecting mothers have told us that Electrolyte Balance® has helped with their cramps, morning sickness, and sleep; we recommend you ask your doctor as to what’s best for you.
    • I'm a competitive athlete that has to abide by strict competition rules, is this product approved by WADA, USADA, and other Professional/Olympic Drug Testing organizations?
      • Yes! We've recently completed the in-depth testing/certification program with BSCG. PristineHydro® is committed to quality control above and beyond dietary supplement standards... Our Electrolyte Balance® Powder and Liquid are certified for use by anyone concerned about product approval within their respective sport testing program/organization. 
    • Where can I find more information regarding the BSCG Certified Drug Free® Certification for PristineHydro® Electrolyte Balance®?
      • The BSCG Certified Drug Free®  program tests each lot for BSCG’s industry-leading drug-testing menu covering more than 491 banned substances, including 287 on the WADA Prohibited List and 204 other illicit, OTC, or prescription drugs. Our testing covers more drugs banned in sport than any other program in the world and is the only one to add coverage for drugs not banned in sport for additional health and regulatory protection. The WADA Prohibited List governs Olympic sport and also serves as a model for sport federations, professional sport leagues, and military/vocational drug-testing programs, which ban many of the compounds on the WADA Prohibited List. As a result, BSCG’s industry-leading drug-testing menu offers security to athletes and professionals across the spectrum of WADA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, ATP, WTA, FIFA, FINA, AFL, NRL, NASCAR, UFC, CrossFit, NCAA, military, law enforcement, and other drug testing programs. 

        For more information, you can visit the PristineHydro® ElectrolyteBalance® BSCG Certification page on


    • My blood test came back with good magnesium levels, should I still take the Electrolyte Balance®?
      • Blood tests are not the best determiner of you having a magnesium deficiency. Take a look at this informational card for more info as to why.
    • Why is Electrolyte Balance® packaged in a plastic bottle?
      • We package using PET plastic, a safe and sustainable alternative to glass for shipped orders to avoid breakage, unwanted chemical reaction if bottles experience extreme heat or cold during shipping, and to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing weight and packing materials.
      • There used to be a 6-pack option for Electrolyte Balance®, now it’s gone; what happened?
        • As many regular Electrolyte Balance® users are aware, this product was designed for daily consumption, and it’s constitution requires it be shaken daily to maintain optimum emulsification.  We received feedback from some 6-pack buyers that the solids were separating and hardening in the bottles of product which were not actively being used.  Though the product can be revived with vigorous shaking, we want our customers to avoid this inconvenience and confusion, thus we discontinued that option.  The good news is that the 2-pack format has proven to be the optimum option for our regular EB consumers.

      For more information on proper use of Electrolyte Balance® and its frequently asked questions, see our video overview below



      Shower Filters

        • When I installed the filter my water still feels like hard water, is it working?
          • It should be noted that shower filters are not water softeners. Our products are designed to filter out chemicals that are harmful to the body, however they are not designed to provide a softened water feel.
        • Is there a big difference between both shower filters?
          • The Aqualux Shower filter primarily filters out chlorine, while the Ultimate Dual KDF Filter filters out much more (see product description on our website). The Dual KDF Filter filters out harmful chemicals found in tap shower water (Chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, lime, calcium). In addition the Dual KDF Filter also reduces odors, organic waste, trihalomethanes, bacteria, and common carcinogens such as carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, benzene and vinylidene chloride.
        • My existing shower head looks different than the types you sell. What type of connection will fit?
          • The Dual KDF shower filter uses female(in) and male(out) threading; so as long as your existing shower head has a standard female threading, it should fit. Please note, the Ultimate Dual KDF is not compatible with Moen shower heads.
        • It's been less than a year since we got the shower filter, and now it's stopped working. What gives?
          • This can be caused by a number of different factors. For example, the amount of people in your household, the amount of showers in a week, and the levels of chlorine that are in your area's tap water can all affect the general lifespan of your shower filter. The Aqualux Shower Filter is built to last 6 to 8 months, and the Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter can last from regularly 8 months to a year. A high chlorine level will deteriorate the filters faster than a year, but it also depends on if the customer's frequency of showering, every minute in the shower approximately 2.5 gallons of water being used. The products are not particularly a one-size-fits-all, and some may have to change out the filters more frequently than others.



        • Do you have Shilajit in capsule form?
          • YES! As of September 2022, we have implemented a new capsule form of our Shilajit powder for optimal consumption and ease of access for our customers. However, this version no longer contains Triphala within the powder - so it is pure shilajit.
        • It’s my first time trying Shilajit. Which version should I try?
          • We recommend trying the vegan capsules first to sample it to your body. Over time, you can switch to using the powder if you would like to add it to other foods or take it in larger quantities. If you have already purchased the tar however, that’s okay. Sample it in smaller doses to let your body adjust to it.
        • What are the benefits of regular consumption of Shilajit?
          • Studies have shown benefits to the immune system, digestive function, recovery, and longevity among other things.
            • Does Shilajit need to be supplemented with anything else?
              • Shilajit can be taken with (preferably PristineHydro®) water and/or liquid Electrolyte Balance®, however it also goes well with the Ayurvedic method of raw milk and honey - or you can also try it with warm bone broth for a warmer alternative.
            • Is the Shilajit safe for pregnant women?
              • We have not heard of any negative effects of Shilajit from any expecting mothers; we do recommend you ask your doctor as to what’s best for you.



            Other Questions

            Website Information

            • I’m on but can’t find other LivePristine products!
              • You can buy all of our products on Soon these links will go to the same location.
              • I am interested in becoming an affiliate! How do I sign up?
                • Click the Affiliate Program link at the very bottom of this webpage, or
                  send an email to and put PristinePartners
                  in your Subject line and we will be back in touch with you promptly.
              • How do I cancel my recurring subscription?
                • Product subscription is no longer an option as of early 2020. If for some reason you are still being charged, send us an email and we will get the problem resolved, as it should be impossible once we terminated our use of the subscription application.

              Shipping (Domestic/International)

              • I live in Mexico, why am I unable to place an order?
                • Recently, we've had to make the decision to no longer ship any products to Mexico due to Customs enforcement. Water Revival Systems® we've sent to Mexico have been either destroyed on arrival or have had holes drilled into the filters. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
              • What shipping carriers do the company use?
                • For domestic orders, we use USPS and UPS ground shipping. For international orders, we use DHL. 
              • I’m an international customer and my shipping cost is high; is there any alternative?
                • Though we have tried, unfortunately there is not much we can do to alter this inconvenience.  Please know that we do not control nor retain any portion of any shipping costs; what you pay is solely determined by the carrier.  Our default international carrier is DHL as we have regularly found it to be the most economical for customers.  We do not use, nor recommend, the US Postal Service for international shipments.  If you find an alternative carrier, we will gladly accommodate, just let us know at the time of your order.  Please note: we are not responsible for any damage, delays, customs/taxes, or any other costs related to shipping and transit of your products. 
              • The shipping cost for the perishable I ordered is high; is there any alternative?
                • Though we have tried, unfortunately there is not much we can do to alter this inconvenience.  Some highly perishable products (such as our Royal Jelly) require overnight shipping; to maintain the safety of the product, the only alternative is in-store pick up. Please know that we do not control nor retain any portion of any shipping costs; what you pay is solely determined by the carrier