Myths and Misinformation

PristineHydro™ Myths and Misinformation

"The higher the pH of your water the better!"

This is simply not true. Water that is free of bad acids and has a sufficient amount of base (electrolyte salts) will naturally result in a high alkaline pH. Something to keep in mind... the pH of water (or any solution) does not necessarily reflect the water’s buffering capacity, which is measured in parts per million. Bottom line, focusing on “Alkalinity” or “pH” of your water is not going to be the end-all solution to good health. If you are looking for an ant-acid you need a substantial amount of base, that is where Electrolyte Balance comes into use.

"PristineHydro is a new company on the block; there is nowhere to try the water or get samples."

PristineHydro has been selling high quality, cutting-edge Water Revival Systems and PristineHydro Water for over a decade in Laguna Woods, California and online at

New customers can come into our storefront and receive a complimentary 16 oz sample of PristineHydro water in a glass bottle.

"11.5 Ionized water is a powerful degreaser and emulsifies oil."

Ionized water is nothing more then acid-free tap water; it contains the same toxic chemicals as the water going into the system. PristineHydro water is 100% free of undesirable acids and contaminates; it has a naturally high-alkaline pH (8-9); perfect for all your water needs!

"Water Ionizer's Beauty Water is a great toner for the face and skin after a shower."

The sulfuric, nitric, hypochlorous, hydrochloric, haloacetic, and hydrofluorosilicic acids found in an ionizer's acid wastewater are un-natural, caustic, and should not come in contact with your skin. 

"Ionized water is a powerful antioxidant with an ORP of -200 to -800."

Ionizers boast about the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of their water, keyword "potential." This has to be the most ridiculous statement we have ever heard... Acid-Free Tap Water is good for you... now that is insane. Our founder Glen Caulkins, was so sick of all of this ORP pseudo-science that he took his ORP meter to the San Juan River, where the water comes out of an underground spring, the ORP was +190. So electrocuting contaminated tap water to reduce the ORP makes contaminated hard water an antioxidant… give me a break.

PristineHydro is infused with Magnesium bicarbonate, which is a true antioxidant in the sense, that it actually reduces the oxidative stress that causes free radicals in the first place.

Micro Clustered” ionized water run through electrolysis produces special water."

One of the most widely promoted misconceptions about water is that it exists in some type of "Micro Clustered" arrangement at the molecular level. Unfortunately, there is no critical scientific evidence to support any of these notions. A water molecule is composed of an oxygen atom that has bonded with two hydrogen atoms (This is well-explained in any first year chemistry book). 

"Water Ionizers do not use Reverse Osmosis, as that wastes a lot of water. With a Water Ionizer there is no waste as you can use everything."

PristineHydro utilizes a High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane that has waste to recovery rate of 1 to 1, a very high efficiency rate. Water Ionizers ratio is about 1 to 3; it’s hard to imagine using the acidic waste water, which should not come into contact with human skin.

"You cannot travel with PristineHydro."

We have countless athletes and travelers that don't leave home without their Travel / Portable systems. You no longer have to compromise your health when you are traveling abroad. 

Kangen has a powerful transformer of 230 watts, unlike other ionizers, which have half the wattage."

PristineHydro does NOT electrocute your water. The concept of electrocuting dead polluted water with a water ionizer to revive it is pseudo-science. Kangen will replace the plates in your ionizer when they wear out (after you drink them). Water ionizers rupture already lifeless water releasing hydroxyl ions. Chemically speaking it is not even natural water anymore, it is more or less a man-made liquid concoction. That is the reason the pH of ionized water only lasts for 24 to 48 hours; any other water on earth with that much TDS, would keep its pH reading for months if not years. PristineHydro produces pristine water the way nature designed it; the pH of PristineHydro water stays high for up to one year.

PristineHydro and other companies are really multi-level marketing companies."

PristineHydro sells direct to customers online, at our Pristine Wellness store in Laguna Woods, CA, through hundreds of enthusiastic and knowledgeable PristinePartners affiliates, and PristineHydro Authorized Retailers nationwide.  PristinePartners Affiliate Program members are never paid a fee for referring other affiliates to the company. PristineHydro respects MLM companies and DSA members; it is just not an MLM company itself.

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