pHresh Strips Paper (for body fluids)

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It is recommended that you start measuring your urine pH for three to six days to understand your pH baseline, and continue monitoring as your body alkalizes. The ideal urinary pH range is 7.0 to 7.2 throughout the day. For urine, the most accurate urine reading will be the 2nd (and subsequent) urination(s) of the day (the first is only a composite of the liver and kidneys’ work overnight), comparing the result to the color chart immediately.  Readings below 6.5 are too acidic suggesting too high a concentration of acid producing food and drink. Stress and physically demanding exercise will also increase the acid load. A prolonged urine pH above 7.5 is too alkaline and will slow the body’s metabolic rate causing poor assimilation of food nutrients.

Saliva pH Acid Challenge Test

The Saliva pH Acid Challenge Test is the only valid test for chronic metabolic acidosis. Salivary and urinary pH tests are not reliable because they fluctuate with what, when, or how much food we have eaten; what, when, and how much we drink, and/or how much we exercise, what kind of exercise, and when we exercised, and if we are fasting we become acidic. This tends to give varied pH readings.

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