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A Lodestone is magnetite rock that has been struck by lighting. When a magnetite rock is struck by lighting, it acquires a north and a south pole. However, a Lodestone is not only a bipolar magnetic rock… it is a polarized magneto-electrically charged rock, with a north/south attraction and a positive/negative charge… magneto-electricity is optimal, relative, and quantum ratios of pulsed field magnetism and pulsed field DC voltage.

Lodestones are the physical manifestation of high velocity magneto–electric currents slowed down; magneto–electric currents captured in the crystalline structures of magnetite; this Current of Life is present in every Lodestone. This is undoubtedly the reason the Greeks referred to Lodestones as lapus-vivas (live-stones). A powerful Lodestone can have up to 10 times more magnetricity (natural pulsed field DC voltage and pulsed field gauss) than the present earth. The quest for longevity and magneto-electricity have an intimate relationship; understanding the mysteries of magneto-electricity reveal the answers to the secrets of eternal youth.

It is documented that Cleopatra slept on lodestones to keep her skin youthful and beautiful. Hippocrates reportedly used lodestone to treat sterility. As early as 200 B.C., Chinese Healers used Lodestones to correct energy imbalances in the body. Old Chinese texts make references to the application of lodestones at acupuncture sites. The ancient Hindu scriptures mention the treatment of diseases with Lodestones. Medieval doctors reported that Lodestone could cure melancholy, baldness, and arthritis. William Gilbert also used Lodestones to relieve the arthritic pains of Queen Elizabeth. In Sir William Gilbert’s 1600 treatise, De Magnete, Gilbert stated that it was a myth that a lodestone could convert common metals into gold.

As modern man has become separated from the Earth’s grounding energy by shoes, buildings and other man-made things, including the effects of the electromagnetic smog of modern conveniences, humans are removed from the healing energy of contact with the ground. The unique magnetic energy of the lodestone is believed to help with pain relief, ease muscle tension, and promote restful sleep by giving us back that grounding.

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