PristineHydro Water Revival Shower Hack

PristineHydro™ Shower Hack

Here is an inspiring Hack / DIY from one of our customers in Australia. We hope it will enlighten and encourage other Water Revival System owners to get creative with how they utilize their systems. Enjoy! 

My name is Keir Whitehead and I have been drinking PristineHydro water for many years now, although I found out that you absorb over 10 times the amount of toxic chemicals from a single shower than drinking the same water all day which made me want to change my setup. I started with a KDF shower filter, and then sponge bathed in a 20 liter stock pot filled with PristineHydro, although these are good starts, they aren't as practical or effective. 

After some trial and error I created a simple setup which is reliable and efficient to allow you to shower and bath in the same quality water as you're drinking. 

All you need is:

PristineHydro Travel / Portable

- 100-200 liter tank

- Water pump

- Portable Gas Hot Water System

- Wireless Remote Control Power Switch 

- Fittings and Hosing 

Hook up the PristineHydro Unit to the tap, and have it fill up the 100L tank, which takes me about 4 hours. 

Have hosing connecting the tank to the pump, then hosing connecting the pump to the gas hot water system. The hot water system needs to be hooked up to a gas bottle, and comes with a shower hose and head. The pump's power plug connects into the wireless remote power switch, which is set to off, while the pumps power button is turned to on. This is so when you go to use the shower, you just have to click the remote from inside the bathroom, which turns the pump on and off. 

The only thing you have to do is turn the gas on and off to the hot water system, which must be setup outside. 

The total cost for me was around $400 aud.

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