Restructuring + Recharging

Restructuring + Recharging

  • $ 75.00

Restructuring + Recharging – In this final stage the water is run over natural lodestones and quartz crystals to create the bio-zeta potential to charge the water and keep the minerals in a colloidal suspension. Lodestone is magnetite, but not all magnetite is lodestone. To become lodestone, the magnetite must be struck by lightning, which then makes it biophoton-magneto-electric.
Each lodestone has a North Pole and a South Pole. They are natural magnets and a source of pulsed field direct current voltage; they provide a unique form of magneto-electric charge, delivering optimal and relative amounts of pulsed field magnetism and pulsed direct current. We also use quartz crystals (silicon–oxygen tetrahedral) in conjunction with the lodestone to charge the water. It is very simple if you examine nature; we put the harvested crystal (the child) back in touch with the magneto-electric energy that grew it (the mother). It is a mother and child reunion!
This stage does not degrade. Replacement is at the customer's discretion only.