Norwegian Kelp Powder

Norwegian Kelp Powder

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Norwegian Kelp is rich in nutrients just like other types of seaweed. It contains many minerals. It also contains polysaccharides, amino acids, proteins, and organic acids. All these provide many benefits to both humans and animals. All types of kelp are beneficial for various health conditions.

Norwegian kelp contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and 14 essential vitamins, such as A, K, folate, niacin, etc. Vitamin K maintains healthy brain and heart and prevents arterial blood clotting. Folate helps with cell division and growth and helps with the production of red blood cells. Prominent among the minerals are iodine, salt, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The lead vitamins in kelp are vitamin A and niacin.

Norwegian kelp and kelp which is harvested along the coasts of Iceland, Hawaii, North West United States, and Canada are considered to be less contaminated by toxins since these waters are protected, clean, and as pristine as you can get.

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