Refrigerator Kit

  • $ 25.00

In order to get the most out of your Under-Counter Water Revival System, we suggest hooking up to your refrigerator so you can enjoy the convenience of Chilled PristineHydro WATER + ICE on demand!

Kit includes the following items specific to your system:

  1. 15 ft of Poly Tubing
  2. Stackable Tee 
  3. Ball Valve 
  4. Coupler (poly tubing type)
  5. QC to 1/4" Compression (braided line type)


Place the Tee on the same line that feeds your drinking water faucet. This will allow you to direct the flow of water to another "point of use", in this case a refrigerator. A Ball Valve is included so you can conveniently shut off water to your refrigerator if needed.

Refrigerator connections vary by manufacture and installation type. Some have 1/4" poly tubing for an easy quick connection and others have braided line with a 1/4" compression nut. This kit includes both to cover the most common types available.

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