Pristine Living 101: Shilajit

Monkey see, monkey do.
For generations, native Indian villagers watched monkeys ascend the Himalayas in the warm summer months. These monkeys were noticeably gaining vitality, energy, wisdom, longevity, and an abundance of offspring. Interested in the phenomena, the natives curiously followed them up and observed the monkeys licking a brown, tar-like matter oozing from these […]


Bee Products and Your Health

Bee products are among nature’s remarkable and versatile substances and can be great for your health. Throughout history, humankind has revered the beehive as a sustainer of youth, a source of healing and a provider of nutritious food.

Bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and honey demonstrate important health-promoting properties and show promise for the prevention […]

High Levels of Arsenic Found in Food

You may have seen the recent reports of the high levels of arsenic found in rice.  This has been a concern for too long now.  Here is the article that the Huffington Post wrote:

The FDA and Consumer Reports recently released lab reports detailing just how much arsenic is in rice products — and found that many brands […]

Heart Attack and Drinking Water

Some of you may have seen a chain email go around that talks about the benefits of drinking water at certain times of the day.  We think this is interesting enough to share with all of you.

The PristineHydro team feels strongly about the health benefits of drinking pure PristineHydro water.  This fun and informative […]

PristineHydro Sponsors the “Spring into Authentic Health Tour”

PristineyHydro is pleased to announce that they are a sponsor of the Spring into Authentic Health Tour which is taking place from May 9 – May 23, 2012.

Take a peek at the schedule and come out and experience authentic health with us!
Current Nationwide Tour Itinerary
Our non-stop tour will cover thousands of miles, and lend […]