Bee products are among nature’s remarkable and versatile substances and can be great for your health. Throughout history, humankind has revered the beehive as a sustainer of youth, a source of healing and a provider of nutritious food.

raw honey

Bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and honey demonstrate important health-promoting properties and show promise for the prevention and treatment of disease. In addition, bee products can provide a significant increase in energy and stamina. Products from the hive are an excellent source of the digestive enzymes associated with raw foods. The pollen-making honeybee flies vast distances to collect pollen, nectar and a resin exuded by plants that the bees use to make propolis. The fruits of the honey bee’s labors; bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and honey provide life-giving substances that can nourish, rejuvenate and heal.


The human body requires certain basic elements to thrive, including vitamins, minerals,   enzymes and amino acids (the building blocks of proteins, essential for proper tissue   growth and regeneration). Bee products are raw, live, natural foods that contain all   these elements.