Why not just make magesium bicarbonate at home using milk of magnesia and seltzer? How does Pristine Electrolyte Balance compare to a homemade method of magnesium bicarbonate?
Is it okay to use a water softener with a PristineHydro Water Revival System?
I use a water distiller, and the taste of the water is flat and heavy. What does PristineHydro water taste like?
What is PristineHydro Enhancing Technology?
If I have hard water and no water softener can I still use a PristineHydro Revival System?
How does PristineHydro compare to buying bottled water for drinking?
Can I change the filters myself?
What is the pH of the water produced?
Can I check the pH of the water with test strips?
Can the pH be adjusted?
What is the TDS of the water?
Can I check the TDS of the water?
How long do the filters last?
How do I know when to change the filters?
Is it ok to take ElectrolyteBalance™ throughout the day?
I notice that the ElectrolyteBalance™ separates in the bottle.
After I have reached and maintained my pH goal of 7.0 what is my next step for optimal health?
What are the general benefits of consuming bee products?
Can Antidote be incorporated in my smoothie in the morning? Or will it lose any nutritional value?
Why we do not use a “Zero Waste” reverse osmosis (“RO”) system?
What are the dimensions of the Under-counter Water Revival system?
Will the system fit under my counter?
Does the Under-counter Water Revival System come with its own designated faucet?
Will the system fit under my cabinets?
Can I fill other containers with my Countertop Water Revival System?
Does the Countertop Water Revival unit produce the same quality water as the PristineHydro Under-counter Water Revival unit?
Does the Countertop Water Revival Dispenser unit require a certain water pressure to operate?